Chicago Latino – Daughter of a Cuban Revolutionary!

CLATA, in partnership with the Goodman Theatre, presented Marissa Chibas’ production of Daughter of a Cuban Revolutionary in Destinos: 3rd Chicago International Latino Theater Festival in 2019.

This amazing work was originally produced by the CalArts Center for New Performance, and tells the astonishing tale of three towering figures in the life of playwright/performer Marissa Chibas: her father, Raul Chibas, who co-wrote the manifesto for the Cuban revolution; her uncle, Eddy Chibas, who was the frontrunner for the 1951 Cuban presidency; and her mother, Dalia Chibas, runner-up Miss Cuba in 1959. Zigzagging through her own stories and key episodes in the history of her illustrious family, Chibas gives an impassioned, live-wire performance that is propelled by her near-death experience in the Venezuelan Amazonia.

Marissa Chibas exclusive intro to the piece. VIEW HERE