Our CNP/Duende film, Finding Shelter, winner of best short documentary at the San Diego Latino Film Festival 2019, is streaming through May 28th as part of this “best of” 2019 festival.  I am honored to keep sharing the stories of these courageous dreamers.  Please feel feee to share and help me spread the word.


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LATINOFILM@Home is a video on-demand channel which will feature past and current San Diego Latino Film Festival hits. The films will be available for an abbreviated virtual engagement that will allow you to access them from home.
LATINOFILM@Home continues this week after its successful launch featuring Paul Espinosa’s Singing Our Way to Freedom with a collection of the best shorts from our 26th edition (2019) personally selected by our Short Films Curator, Juan Lopez.

The films will be available to rent from May 15 – May 28, 2020. Each rental is $10.00 and you will have 72 hours to view the shorts program. A Vimeo account is necessary to complete your purchase but creating an account will give you access to the Vimeo App which will let you watch the film on your Apple TV, Roku, and Smart TVs. By renting these shorts, you’re ensuring the sustainability of our festival while supporting independent Latinx filmmakers! Filmmakers get a percentage from the ticket sales! We appreciate all of your support!

A Q&A with the Filmmakers will be scheduled and announced on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/latinofilm/

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SDLFF EXITOS – 2019 SHORTS: Full Line-Up

Broken Sunflower Hearts
Dir. Miguel Angel Caballero
(USA, 14 min., English)
When his ex-boyfriend, Sam, shows up on his doorstep a year after separating, Anthony weighs the impact it will have on his life and young daughter, Luna.

Dir. Julio O. Ramos
(USA, 14 min., Spanish w/ English subtitles)
After a disastrous event at his construction site, Armando acts quickly to save his crew, and in the process he stumbles upon an unspeakable truth. (Brief Strong Violence, Strong Language) WINNER OF BEST NARRATIVE SHORT SDLFF 2019

Dir. Eddie Mujica
(USA, 8 min., English)
Set in the near-future, Juan comes home one day to discover he’s been replaced by a “whiter” version of himself.

Finding Shelter
Dir. Marissa Chibas
(USA, 28 min., English)
FINDING SHELTER captures the stories of several unaccompanied minors seeking refuge in the United States and how their real-life experiences were made into the 2016 internationally acclaimed play. WINNER OF BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT SDLFF 2019 Presented by: CalArts Center for New Performance/Duende CalArts

La faraona
Dir. Jose Paredes
(Mexico, 20 min., Spanish w/ English subtitles)
Jesus, a student at Lazaro Cardenas High School, witnesses paranormal activities related to the legend of LA FARAONA, better known as the Headless Dancer. (Brief Strong Violence, Strong Language) WINNER OF BEST FRONTERA SHORT SDLFF 2019.

Dir. Eileen Abarrca
(USA, 13 min., English)
A single woman nearing forty discovers that due to an infertility issue, motherhood is suddenly a matter of now-or-never and she must do everything in her power to turn improbability into an infant. (Brief Strong Language)