June 22-25

Presentation of the work in progress of Way of Wolf (WOW) a project conceived and performed by Daniel Passer and Marissa Chibas

At the CalArts Center for New Performance festival in Warsaw Poland at Teatr Studio

Way of Wolf is a live performance with video – a husband and wife corporate motivational speakers team meets Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf.   Using their world dominating power point presentation, Marva and Mack take the audience through their galaxy famous Way of Wolf method to corporate success and world domination. Their book has sold a Gazillion copies (God has it on his nightstand). Their Lone Wolf method debunks the importance of teamwork and demands their audience follow their 33 “Lone Wolf” commandments, with such important dictums such as commandment number 2 “I’m the Only One That Matters” and commandment number 6 “Follow the Example of the Spanish Inquisition.”